Revenue Management

Revenue Management is a key asset in every hotel, overseeing the distribution strategy of the hotel and managing day to day yield operations.our remote revenue management consulting service help independent hotels increase their financial performance, strategies and increase bottom line profit.

Trav Direct will appoint a highly skilled Revenue Manager who will be incorporated in your hotel management structure and operate as a part of your team. We learn the business and the Team so that we can identify ways and a strategy to move the hotel to a higher financial level.


Guest Engagement

Guest engagement is perhaps the most important aspect of Hospitality.  According to a recent survey a fully engaged Guest is less price sensitive when booking a repeated hotel stay, showing the importance of Guest Engagement for the Hospitality Industry.  Engagement also encourages Guest Loyalty and delivers another chance for the guest to share reviews on their experience.

At TravDirect we follow a number of best practices in order to launch a successful customer engagement strategy like Promotion,Customer Experience,Loyalty and Rewards



Virtual Reception

With TravDirect, one of us is always available to help your customers. We offer 24*7 online chat support to help customers in every way possible. This feature not only helps them in making a booking but also provides a sense of satisfaction to customers. Sometimes, it is not about reservation and customers have different queries about the hotel, location, offers etc. Our well informed and trained agents love to answer all the queries.


Digital Marketing

SEO mainly means more people finding, visiting and interacting with the website. We offer organic search engine optimization, social media optimization, online reputation management and branding of your website in order to get better traffic and revenue. Our qualified and experienced in-house SEO team focuses on setting up on-page factors, content optimization and transition of old sites.