Channel Manager

Channel Manager

Gone are the days when hotel managers had to worry about things like double booking, inventory redundancy etc. With TravDirect channel management solution, life is much easier. Make a change in inventory on your own website and get it reflected on all major distribution channels (OTAs).

Maximize your distribution and online visibility, improve revenue returns and benefit from operational efficiencies by using TravDirect channel manager. It lets you update inventory, room specifications and restrictions on all distribution channels through a unique and easy to use interface. It is highly beneficial for maintaining inventory consistency.

It uses 2 way xml connections to the world’s leading booking websites to manage room inventory and rates from a central application. If there's a booking done on any of the leading online travel agents, it will reduce inventory in the system integrated with hotel's website and vice-versa.

TravDirect Channel Manager optimizes globally online visibility and at the same time improves return on investment saving time and reducing operational costs.

By providing channel manager integration with the booking system for a flat monthly fee, TravDirect helps you improve your business process and reduce your cost of acquisition.

Increase bookings and Improve profits

Get your property listed on major channels for better online visibility. The more your hotel shows up on the internet, the more will be number of bookings you get. Increased number of bookings will certainly result in better ROI.

Manage room inventory and rates more efficiently

With our channel manager, you can easily update inventory on various channels through one interface. Get prices and rates synchronized on different portals with great ease. It helps you get rid of uploading lots of information on different systems. This will also assure that you are never overbooked.

Reach global

Our channel manager connects to most of the major OTAs of the world. Let customers find your hotel easily from any global location of the world. We are continuously working on increasing the number of channels for reaching out to the most parts of the world.

Sleek and Simple

Manage all your inventories from a cloud based easy to use system. The system is so robust that administrators will not require any guidance to operate it. All your extranet data can be viewed and modified from a single interface. Once connected to TravDirect channel manager, all your chosen sales channels will be automatically updated through the extranet.