In case the better fuel PU subject try intense, this is due to them being an elevated electricity

In case the better fuel PU subject try intense, this is due to them being an elevated electricity

In case the better fuel PU subject try intense, this is due to them being an elevated electricity

20. Greater energies which getting (PU)subject are still aggressive on the overlord, unless overlord seems to get +200 relation together with them. So it being 'hostile' does not always mean they will certainly state liberty in the near future. One to utilizes its military get in place of your in addition to their freedom desire. You might straight down chance of independence wars when you are at conflict constantly and you will let your PU armies perform some struggle. Use 1k military off oneself, set victims so you can "supportive, and click mount on that 1k troops with the. The fresh new PU armies have a tendency to mount, and you will next circulate the newest PU army you to province a beneficial time and energy to in which you would like them. If not, they might flee a state where it score attrition for the. Keep the PU topic manpower pond reasonable in addition to their status military reasonable, become during the war constantly and you may has actually low chance of independence wars.

If you're attacking the brand new 'Claim throne' battle (exact same dynasty but no heir like -> Allege throne and commence war) whether or not the mark Nation becomes a different heir

Its the same mechanic as with vassals, with That exception: PU victims examine her fuel in place of overlord whenever contrasting if they win in place of its overlord. Vassals capture the shared strength into account. If you see PU subjects allying, the because their freedom attract is all large. Pu victims can't ever ally having vassal sufferers. So if Naples and Aragon try PU victims out of Castile, and one of the two announces on overlord, then your other have a tendency to join the war. Both becomes a special king. You could potentially avoid for example battles constantly when you're at the combat always, since it brings subjects -fifty incentive so you're able to claim versatility when you find yourself at war.

22 .In the event the a small PU topic announces freedom conflict: if you get white tranquility or better (aka it's not necessary to bring things) the nation declaring independence will simply getting a PU topic once more once they take on the brand new peace deal, and you may 50 12 months consolidation timekeeper try reset.

You could potentially end wars like this if you are using heaps from lesser PU at the mercy of earn your own battles. In the event the their manpower and you may current updates armed forces try reasonable, and therefore are on battle constantly, they will certainly rarely claim independence. Actually France would not.

Each other regions have to have satisfactory opinion with each other. The brand new MTTH of one's initiate are 500 weeks. A holiday in greece may a great Connection more The country of spain this way, Otherwise Styria may good Commitment over Austria.

Each other rulers have to be between 16 and you will forty, both regions inside must be natives, one another places need zero heirs, both rulers have to be of various sex and stay sometimes of the same dynasty or in the same community group

24. Contradiction nerfed force PU battle and calling in other places so you can help out They additional yet another malus thus no body tend to join, given that I guess it generates zero sense one partners you have assist to leave you an alternative (big) topic. Well not one person. I would have to search it up, but I believe the very unlikely for someone to participate. Maybe if they're opponents they might still do it. But We would not believe they. Most practical method locate PU victims happens to be means France, The united kingdomt otherwise whoever try mean and you may big armed forces since Competitor, and vow it competition you back. Immediately after which vow they give sequence wars. Or just claiming throne off exact same dynasty heirless nation, and you may hoping its king dies heirless. That provide the PU free-of-charge as well more often than not.